The next time you need a haircut in Miami Beach, come visit us to ensure you always remain looking fresh and confident. With our personalized service, we offer the care and attention you deserve to achieve the cutting-edge individual look you desire.


Complement your South Beach style at XII AM Barbershop where we give you the luxe treatment including a hot lather and razor edge shave to keep you looking sharp! Awaken the senses with hot towel service and cool the skin with relaxing aftershave.


At XII AM Barbershop we provide you with the style you desire. Be sure to clean up with a thorough wash to eliminate any stray hair while nourishing the scalp. Our barber quality shampoos and conditioners provide you with a healthy and clean appearance.


After an invigorating scalp massage and wash, we will dry your hair to perfection. Eliminate any stray hair from clothes with high pressure air to keep your entire look fresh and clean at all times.


Complete your look with barber quality styling products including gels, creams, and pomades combed to perfection. Get the 360° quality assurance mirror check before leaving the bench.


Invest into a consistent appearance and maintain your style long after leaving the shop with our barber quality products used at the time of service. We look forward to your next visit soon.